Andrea Sorin


Andrea is passionate about developing and supporting social entrepreneurs. At Fundamental, Andrea works across multiple client accounts, while also providing operational support to the firm’s Partners. Her portfolio of work includes efforts to ensure that all Los Angeles students, regardless of their zip code, receive a complete education that includes the arts. In addition, Andrea spearheads web development and digital engagement for various clients, helping to create cohesive messaging and branding on a range of issues.

She began her career in the social sector almost a decade ago at the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) working with partner organizations and college students dedicated to building a greater understanding of the nuances of the Middle East. 

Andrea is a board member of Griot Theatre, a theatre company that exists to create a forum for professional theatre artists from underrepresented groups - including women, artists of color and artists with physical disabilities - to interpret theatre in new ways. She is the founding co-chair of the American Jewish University’s (AJU) MBA Alumni Network and is a member of the American Friends of Hebrew University’s West Coast Alumni Steering Committee. She has an MBA in Non-Profit Management from AJU and a BA in History and Political Science from the University of Victoria.

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